Screening of Bahador Zamani’s first production in 18 cities of India

Screening of Bahador Zamani’s first film in 18 cities of India/Requinto’s movie teaser broadcast under the pretext of attending Jagran Festival in India.
The movie “Silent Pond” written and directed by Bahador Zamani, which started its international broadcast under the name “Requinto” in the summer of last year, after receiving prestigious awards, will be screened in the feature film competition section of the Jagran International Festival in eighteen cities of India.
Majid Majidi, a famous Iranian filmmaker, is one of the special guests of this period of Jagran Festival.
The license to show Requinto was issued in the summer of 1400.
The film selected by the jury of the Italian Rona Festival, the best film and the best director of the African International Festival and the best actress award from the Lift India Festival and participation in many festivals are among the international honors of this film.

Farane Karimianfar, Javad Yahivi, Yavar Ahmadifar, Sagar Azizi, Kambiz Banan, Amir Zazhani and Maryam Bobani are the main actors of this movie.
In this work, many actors have been introduced as new talents.
Other factors include: Producer: Mohammadreza Nejatian, Project Manager: Pooya Nouri, Director of Photography: Mehdi Afshar, First Assistant Cinematographer: Ahmed Kaousi, Scheduler and First Assistant Director: Farzin Fathi, Second Assistant Director: Mehdi Moghadam, Stage Secretary: Shaqaig Sadeq, Sound Director: Hamid Zibaklam, Make-up Designer: Maryam Salib, Set and Costume Designer: Mohammadreza Aminzadeh, music: Babak Abedini, editing: Nika Asgari and Reza Daqaq, sound design and composition: Neda Mohseni, color and light correction: Hassan Najafi, director: Hamidreza Khalili, production manager: Asghar Bazgosha, procurement manager: Mahmoud Jafari, finance manager: Seyed Mohammadreza Hosseini, photographer: Hossein Assar.
The international distribution of the film is handled by First Screen Company.

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