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Bahador Zamani, an Iranian artist, who started his artistic career in 2008. He is active in the fields of directing, writing, acting and graphics.


film making

Bahador Zamani started his official activity in the field of directing and writing in 2009 by making short films. He studied film directing under the supervision of professors such as Kambozia Pertovi, Ali Zhekan, Mohammad Ali Sajjadi and a group of prominent cinema professors. He made a short film that was recognized as one of the selected films of Fajr International Festival in 2013. He made his first feature film in 2017. it was produced by Homan Kabiri in the war genre. This movie was later broadcast as a mini-series in four parts. In 2021 and 2022, he wrote the scenario of the movie “Requinto”. which he succeeded in making it in the same year. Zamani has received prestigious awards at the high level of international festivals for making Requinto.

11th The Africa International Film Festival Lagos / Nigeria - AFRIFF

Bahador Zamani, an Iranian artist, was born on the 9th of desember 1984, who started his artistic career in 2008.

international awards

9th Soundscreen film festival Revena / Italy

11th The Africa International Film Festival Lagos / Nigeria - AFRIFF

5th CIFFI International Film Festival of India / Delhi 2023/24



Bahador Zamani gained his first professional film experience by acting in the movie “hussein who said no” written and directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish after finishing his studies at the College of Young Cinematographers. This film, which is placed in the category of films with big production, was produced over a period of four years. In the 32nd Fajr Festival, this film won 9 Crystal Simorghs(globe) from various sections of the festival. Bahador Zamani’s performance in the role of Abbas bin Ali has been well received in Islamic countries. After this movie, Bahador has acted in series like “Lonely Leila”, “Rhino” and “Yawar”. Also, he has appeared in several experimental feature films as the main role.

Acting records

Yavar series (2021)

Director: Saeed Soltani and Asghar Naimi
Producer: Arman Zarin Kob

Rhino series (2019)

Director: Kiaresh Asadizadeh
Producer: Sadegh Yari

Lilly's life movie (2018)

Director: Karamet Porscheshwari
Producer: Karamet Porshesawari

The Gate (2018)

Director: Alireza Javan
Producer: Ali Fatehi

Lily's loneliness series (2015)

Director: Mohammad Hossein Latifi
Producer: Mohammadreza Shafiei

Hussein who said No (2011)

Writer and director: Ahmadreza Darvish
Producer: Taghi Aliqlizadeh

Ismail's eyes telefilm (2007)

Director: Kazem Rastgoftar
Producer: Ali Ashtianpour


Forgive others
Accept your mistakes
Cry and move on
Thanks God for everything
Smile always



Bahador Zamani is very interested in drawing and painting. In his spare time, he works in the field of graphics. Among these activities are the exhibition of his collection of paintings called “me-woman” and the collection of digital paintings “Oar without a boat” as well as the design and illustration of the book “I am”.



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movie posters

Untitled Artwork



Director: Bahador Zamani

Producer: Bahador Zamani & Farima Khalili

the white


The white

Director: bahador zamani

Producer: mani sadeghi

poster festival_20221230184344691



Director: Bahador zamani

Producer: mohamadreza nejatian




Director: Ahmadreza Darvish

Producer: Taghi Aliqlizadeh



Mirgasem Mini Series

Director: Bahador Zamani

Producer: Homan Kabiri



The Gate

Director: alireza javan

Producer: ali fatehi