Bahadur once made a long war film

Bahadur Zamani, a film and television actor, announced her directorship of her first feature film and her request to appear in the Haqit Cinema Festival.

Bahadur Zamani, the actor who played the role of Hazrat Abulfazl (AS) in the movie Rastakhiz, which is perhaps his most important appearance in the field of acting up to this moment, which has not been widely screened and seen due to the problems that have arisen, about his other activities after this movie. Cinemaei told the film correspondent of Moj News Agency: After Resurrection, I acted in the 30-episode Taneh Laila series directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi. I was also present in the movie Gate, directed by Alireza Javan, in the Art of Experience group, which has now started its world tour. Last year, I acted in John Lilly’s movie, which is still waiting for release. Currently, I am also among the actors of the Rhino home show network.

Bahadur Zamani said about his other activities in the field of cinema: I was supposed to continue my work in silence, but now that it has come to an end, I can announce that with the cooperation and efforts of Mr. Homan Kabiri, a good and respected producer, with “Mirqasem” film, I am applying to participate in the 13th edition of the Cinema Verity Festival.

He said about Mirqasem’s film: This is a feature film that I have directed, it is a fictional documentary with a theme and a story about the holy defense, which we have registered to appear in the two sections of Cinema Verity, Avini and Main. Actually, it is a fictional work, but because we made it in the style of a documentary film, it somehow has the taste and smell of standing in the dust, but it is two or three steps ahead and has more action.

In fact, Amirhossein Mahdovian had focused more on the back of the front, and we have paid attention to the front line of the war, and in this film we have recreated five or six operations, and it is about one of the very special and strange characters of the war time.

Zamani also stated: We also have a very strange winning card, so let it be clear at the time of release, because what is used in this film, no war film in Iranian cinema can be used to bring people closer to the events of the war. has not had It is better to say that we have used the presence of a person who has never been in front of a cinema camera in this film and we have used his voice and image.

He stated: This is my first feature film work, although I have made short films before and my university education is cinema directing. Earlier this year, one of my short works titled “White” made its way to the Las Vegas Global Festival, but due to the problems of being in America, I could not be there myself and try as I should to participate in the five chosen ones of the competition section.

This artist emphasized: I do not act in the films that I direct.

Mirqasem’s fictional documentary film starring Mohammad Khalili, Hamed Sheikhi, Saeed Bekai and Mostafa Ali Akbari was produced and its filming was directed by Mehdi Afshar. Aydin Aryanejad also edited this film and its composer is Mehdi Yeraghchian.

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