The filmmaker must ask questions in his works

Bahador Zamani, a film and television actor and short film director, said: “In filmmaking, it is important that the director raises a question in her film based on her concerns about social issues.”

According to Saba’s report, Bahador Zamani, a theater and cinema actor whose role in the series “North Pole” is being aired on the Home Show Network these days, said in an interview with Sin radio program about his activities: “It has been 20 years since I entered the field of acting. is passing Of course, during these years, I have also had activities in the field of short and long filmmaking. Before I wanted to play the role of Hazrat Abulfazl (AS) in the movie “Rastekhiz”, I had trained as a director at the Iranian Youth Cinema Association, and basically this field was very attractive to me.

He added: After “Resurrection”, I acted in the series “Rhinoceros”, “Lonely Layla” and “Yavar”. “North Pole” is also a work in which my game is playing recently. Also, another series called “Sujan” directed by Hossein Tabrizi is being prepared for television, in which I played a role. My first short film was a co-directing experience in 1990, but my first independent directing experience dates back to the short film “Safid” in 1992. After that, I made the films “Ima”, “DNA” and “12-“.

He said: I tried to proceed with research in my filmmaking experiences. “DNA” was a social melodrama and the story of “Ima” took place in the Kurdish region, and I tried to deal with the subject with sensitivity. In “12-” I also tried to raise a question, and in my opinion, basically, a filmmaker should raise a question when facing a social issue and avoid including a personal opinion and point of view and imposing it on the work. be himself

Zamani explained about the importance of concern in filmmaking: a filmmaker should not make a film to enjoy festivals and get funding and awards. I personally tried never to act like this. I have never looked for subjects that everyone knows that if we make a film about it, it will be successful at least in foreign festivals.

He said about the reason why his films are not aired in domestic and foreign festivals: In general, the airing of short films is a matter of several years, and basically, the production of short films in the past years was much more difficult than in recent years. Of course, although the broadcasting situation has been regulated by the efforts of some active companies and friends, there are still some weaknesses about first-class festivals. On the other hand, broadcasting is a very specialized matter and does not have a trade union, and in my opinion, like many other disciplines, other trials and errors should be formed in this field.

Regarding the state of cinema management, he said: Despite the modernization and youthfulness in many cinema management departments, I have been discouraged from talking with cinema directors in these years, so I did not have much desire to show my films in festivals. Although we must say that some films also owe a part of their success to directors who have not spared their support for the work and the filmmaker, many films are also successful because of their social status and time, or on the contrary, they are not at the right time and are not seen. But my expectation from movie directors has always been and is to see more support from filmmakers who do not have special support and who are the investors of their films, while they can spend this amount on something profitable. However, many audits are now less, and on the other hand, the boldness of some filmmakers and emphasis on making their desired subjects is also commendable.

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