The beginning of the international broadcast of the movie “Silent Pond” with two appearances and an award

According to IRNA news agency, the movie “Silent Pond” directed by Bahadur Zamani won the selected prize of the 8th edition of the Italian Sandscreen Festival.

According to IRNA, “Silent Pond” which was prepared for international broadcast under the name “Ricuitto”, less than three months after the start of broadcast, received the award of the selected film from the eyes of the judges from the eighth edition of the Italian Sandscreen Festival.

This film, which was written and directed by Bahadur Zamani and produced by Mohammad Reza Najadian, received its screening license in 1400, and is currently in the competition section of the 10th edition of the Veracruz Mexico Festival and the 11th edition of the Africa Festival.

The silent pond is the narrator of the life of a young girl who is very interested in music. When he enters the world of music, his life undergoes unexpected events and…

Farane Karimianfar, Javad Yahivi, Yavar Ahmadifar, Sagar Azizi, Kambiz Banan, Amir Zazhani and Maryam Bobani are the main actors of this movie.

Other actors include project manager: Pooya Nouri, director of photography: Mehdi Afshar, first assistant cameraman: Ahmed Kaousi, scheduler and first assistant director: Farzin Fathi, second assistant director: Mehdi Moghadam, stage secretary: Shaghaiq Sadegh, sound director: Hamid Zibaklam. , Make-up designer: Maryam Salay, Set and costume designer: Mohammad Reza Aminzadeh, Music: Babak Pourabdini, Editing: Nika Asgari and Reza Daqaq, Sound design and composition: Neda Mohseni, Color and light correction: Hassan Najafi, Director: Hamidreza Khalili, Production Manager : Asghar Bazgosha, procurement manager: Mahmoud Jafari, finance manager: Seyed Mohammad Reza Hosseini, photographer: Hossein Assar.

The international distribution of the film is also handled by First Screen Company under the management of Solmaz Etemad.

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