Ima on the editing table

According to IRNA, the short film “Ima” directed by Bahadur Zamani and co-produced by Ferima Khalili and Bahadur Zamani and written by Babak Pourabdini, was put on the editing table after the completion of the work of the actors and the end of filming.

Bahadur has been introduced as an actor in Iranian cinema before, and most of them know him for playing the role of Hazrat Abbas (AS) in Ahmad Reza Darwish’s movie “Rostakhiz”. He studied film directing under the supervision of professors such as Kambozia Pertoi and Mohammad Ali Sajjadi, who recently made his first feature film titled “Silent Pond”.
The short film “Ima” is his latest work, which tries to share a human theme with the audience by dealing with the rituals and traditions of the ancient tribes.

Mandana Mokhtari and Sobhan Safamanesh are the actors of this work, who acted in front of Mehdi Afshar’s camera in the unfavorable weather conditions of Firouzkoh mountain region.
Other contributors to this work include: Rashed Hosseini (investor), Mehdi Afshar (cinematography director), Ali Najafi (editing), Hamed Samadzadeh (sound recording director), Neda Mohseni (sound design and composition), Kausar Heydari (color and light correction). ), Kushna Shahrokhi (set and costume designer), Mustafa Abbasi (production manager), Alireza Afraz (programmer and first assistant director), Afshin Ghiathi (actor), Nilofar Murselvand (make-up), Soheila Mirzakhani (stage secretary), Hossein Sadeghi ( first assistant cameraman), Alireza Vahedi, Mehdi Najafi, Reza Rajabi (film crew), Mohammad Sajad Aghajani (stage manager) and Hamed Gharib (media consultant).
The short film “Ima” is one of the productions of Raw International Company, which has recently started its activities in the field of film production, theater and international distribution of these works. The short films “Drekht Sefid”, “Ashantion”, “Dali”, “Bad Movie”, “Mohsen Barati” and the theater “Fortieth Man or Twenty Eighth Woman” are among the works that have been produced in this art company so far.

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